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This is my space to present my creative work to people around the world: music, art and writing. Enjoy and share it!

As a Jazz singer I’ve been working with quite a lot of people from the international music business. I’ve found my favourite band to work with in Renate Reich Fivetett.


Photo (c)  Bernhard Eder, Feb 2019


We released our first album in 2012: „Devil May Care“. We arranged well known Jazz Standards in a new and very individual way by adding interesting grooves and some odd rhythms and made them sound differently.

For the next album „Home“ (2016) I wrote a bunch of songs while I was traveling. So this album contains originals only, except one song written by Sting (Roxanne), of course arranged in a jazzy manner. Then we recorded and filmed for the Live-Album „So Full Of Life“ (2018), which contains original music as well, sometimes co-written with my partner, guitar player Thomas Palme. (CD & DVD)

As a songwriter I released my first album already in 2000, with an acoustic formation called Plamina Waters. I still love these songs and do perform them also with my Jazzband.

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Additionally I am working with many musicians from the Jazz Scene. I love to to connect with people and find new ways of musical communication. This is very different with every person, a great and interesting challenge for me.

Here you’ll find a list of my  tour and concert dates


Teaser for my album: „So Full Of Life“, ATS records 2018

Voice Coach

I founded my Vocal Coaching Studio „Der Stimmraum“ in 2007 and helped many singers to get a better connection to their voice, to use it in a healthy an economical way. I studied Voice in Vienna and in Los Angeles and graduated as a performer and teacher for Jazz Singing and Vocal Technique (Speech Level Singing and Mix Technique)  Read more about it here!


I’ve been painting in a more professional way since 2017 and there is more to come… ! I had a bunch of exhibitions by now and one of my pictures was even shown in one of the top 10 Vienna Art Galleries @ Vienna Ringstrassengalerien. My first big Solo-Exhibition will be opened on April, 25th and will be shown till the end of June. Have a look at some of my paintings here!