Songs, that enchant the listener in wondrous ways…


“So Full of Life” the new album by the Renate Reich Fivetett, illustrates the musical beauty and finesse that can emerge from a fusion of jazz and pop.

That one note that plunges you into another dimension is precisely what makes this album a glorious experience.


Best Album „Jazz in Austria“

Renate’s third album in February 2018 was elected best album of „Jazz in Austria“. It includes original songs, inhabits the interface of pop, world and jazz deliberately, inviting listeners to plunge right into a wondrous world of sound.

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A captivating, beguilingly warm sound

Renate Reich bursts with a zest for life that comes paired with an arresting stage presence and expertly controlled versatile voice. She is supported thoughtfully by her instrumentalists, who provide the perfect accompaniment for whatever song is on hand and are given free reign to unfold their virtuosity and joy of improvisation in extended solo passages.



Teaser „So Full Of Life“, ATS records 2018


„Outstanding feel, very nice phrasing of the melody, interesting arrangement, great vocal sound, and the music is enjoyable and creative.” 

Cover-Photo (c)  Bernhard Eder, Feb 2019